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What is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness is a fitness philosophy based on the concept of performing functional movements at a relative high intensity.  At Unum Sumus, we have created a program that incorporates a blend of strength training and metabolic conditioning that has proven to be effective at helping individuals meet their fitness goals.


What will it do for me?

You will get stronger, your mobility and range of motion will increase, and your endurance and stamina will improve.  You will find that you have better balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy. Your body will tighten, you will lose weight, your muscles will tone, and you will have more energy.  You will find that you want to make better lifestyle choices and will focus more on good nutrition.  Your body will crave the exercise.  You will finally quit smoking.  You will have a healthy outlet for stress relief.  You will find a warm and supportive community of like-minded people to support you.  Your life will change.


Will I get hurt?

As is true of any physical activity, there are risks of injury.  One of the tenants of functional fitness, and something we at Unum Sumus are particularly attendant to, is the concept of ‘infinite scalability’ or starting someone with movements and loads that meet their present fitness level.  In other words, we will ask you to push yourself, but will do so safely and within the limits of what your body is able to do.  In the beginning, you will assuredly be sore- you will be using muscles that probably have been sedentary for a while- but that soreness will subside as you progress.


Will I get ‘bulky?’

This is a common misperception, usually held by women, of the effects of lifting weights.  Yes, you will build muscle, but that is not necessarily the same as building mass (what people really mean when they say ‘bulky’).  Our program is designed to help accomplish a tone, lean, athletic build. 


Will I lose weight?

Ultimately, yes.  At first, perhaps no, but you will be leaner.  When you begin a strength training program, you will begin to add muscle.  Muscle is of course more dense than fat.  At first, you will be adding muscle quickly and may therefore gain some weight.  But, muscle metabolizes faster (burns more calories) than fat does.  So, once those huge spikes in muscle growth slow, your body will establish a more efficient homeostasis (balance) and, assuming proper nutrition, you will lose weight.


We have found, however, that people really care more about looking and feeling good than they do about the number on the scale.  We therefore encourage you to take measurements before you start with us and periodically re-measure yourself as you continue with the program.  You may find that losing inches, but perhaps not losing weight, is even more gratifying.


How fit do I need to be to start?

Your journey is unique to you and begins at the spot on the fitness continuum where you are presently.  Because of our ability to infinitely scale workouts, we can and will find movements for you to do that move you along that continuum.  Our classes are filled with athletes from beginners to elite, from overweight to underweight, and range in age from 13 to 65.  It truly is for EVERYONE!

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