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We spent a significant amount of time researching equipment to find what we believed was the best product for the value on the market today. 


We have teamed up with Pro Maxima (, based locally in Houston, to custom build our rig and racks with 3”x4” 7 gauge steel specifically for us and per our requested specifications (by contrast, most rigs are manufactured with 2”x2” 11 gauge steel).    In layman’s terms- our stuff is sturdy and built to last.  At our request, Pro Maxima re-engineered the J-cups so as to better protect the knurling on our barbells.  All of the pull-up bars are intentionally finished in raw steel, which we believe holds chalk better and reduce the likelihood of tearing the skin on the athletes’ hands. 


Pro Maxima also manufactured our GHDs, dip stations, and even custom built our chalk buckets. They’ve further customized the entire line of equipment by adding a custom translucent blue paint on all of the metal and added a nice finishing touch of customizing all of the upholstery in our colors and embroidering all of our benches with our logo. 


We spared no expense in providing top of the line barbells from Rogue Fitness ( and Vulcan Strength Training Systems (, who also supplied us with colored bumper plates consistent with the colors used for plates in Olympic and International Weightlifting Federation standards.  We’ve also purchased the latest generation of medicine balls and other equipment from another Houston-based local gym outfitter, Get RX’D (, who has spent a year researching and redesigning their line of medicine balls, and have equipped our gym with top of the line kettlebells, custom-built plyometric boxes and other fitness equipment such as Concept 2 rowing machines.


We try to stay on the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to providing service and support for our athletes.  For example, we provide each of our athletes with an account on the Wodify system (, which allows each of them to independently track their performance, nutrition, and progress from their own computer or smart phone.  As coaches, we also use Wodify to track our athletes’ performance, on an individual and group basis, to gauge progress and effectively tailor our programming.  Finally, we have linked our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account to Wodify to keep our athletes aware of activities, events, and announcements.


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