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Our workout philosophy revolves around a "jack all trades" approach.  There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of workout "styles" out there- pilates, body building, plyometrics, gymnastics, etc..., to name a few.  We don't knoock any of them- in fact, we try to incorporate elements of each of them into what we do!  The difference is that they each focus on thier particular method, while we focus on not focusing.  


Science is fairly clear at this point that the best form of fitness necessarily involves some degree of strength training.  As such, we incorporate a lot of strength based movements in our workouts.  But, again, we don't subscribe to any particular style of strength training (powerlifting, weightlifting, body building, etc...); we instead incoporate elements of each.  Again, specialize in not specializing.  


We understand that getting to the gym is hard- life and work and families are always going to take precedence over fitness.  But, what if life and gym time intersected?  What if your favorite hour of the day was also the time you spent in the gym?  THAT'S THE EXACT ENVIRONMENT WE HAVE CREATED!  Our program is a group training method.  You will interact with the other gym members and you will interact daily with your coach.  This is not a "headphones on, head down" environment.  We have fun- we work hard, but we will always have a positive vibe and energy running through our building!


Come check us out and find out for yourself how fitness should be done!

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