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Unum Sumus is translated from Latin to mean, “we are one.”  We subscribe to that phrase in defining ourselves individually but also as a part of a collective whole.  There truly is 'strength in numbers.'  Our gym community is there for one another- to encourage each other through hard workouts, to pick them up when they are down, and to support one another in the gym and in life.  The phrase also applies on a personal and introspective level as well- we are each one being comprised of a mind, spirit and body.  True health is really nothing more than a harmonious balance amongst both those internal and external elements that comprise societal life.  Unum Sumus, therefore, is the embodiment of our goal to strive for, and achieve, the perfect balance that is true harmony and health.


Bobby Kasprzak - Founder, Owner and Coach

Bobby is a licensed attorney in California and Texas who has been practicing law since 2005.  His legal career has focused on business creation, management, transformation and restructuring.  In high school, he played football, basketball, wrestled, and ran track.  Always active athletically, he has been incorporating functional-based programming into his own training since 2010 and became an avid CrossFitter in 2012.  Bobby decided to pursue his passion for fitness full-time and became a CrossFit Level One Trainer in 2014.  He has a passion for fitness, for the community, and for helping guide people to healthy lifestyles.  Unum Sumus is the culmination of those passions.

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